Weapon Trader is a specialist trader that sells weapons only. However, players can still sell non-weapon items in an weapon trader's shop.

List of Armour TradersEdit

Currently, there are 2 Weapon traders:

Name Title Area Closest Leystone
Roarke the Blacksmith Weapon Trader Lir's Reach Highshore Village
Fergus the Blacksmith Weapon Trader Farcrag Castle Farcrag Castle Courtyard

However, there are 7 other traders that also sell weapons as part of their stock:

Name Title Area Closest Leystone
Aislin the Merchant Trader Lir's Reach Beach
Jaryn the Smuggler Item Trader Lir's Reach Eastern Dock
Brodie the Opportunist Item Trader Dustwither Catacombs Withered Vaults
Ashlen MacCroin Trader Shalemont Ravine MacCroin Encampment
Bericus MacCroin Trader Stonevale Stonevale Farm