What you could look like after an encounter with a scammer.

Scamming is one of the most common ways that players lose money or items. Losing tens of thousands of gold or worth of items due to scammers is not unheard of. The best way to avoid being scammed is to know exactly how and which people could scam you.

The Moderator Scam

Many people will create alternate accounts, transfer loads of gold on it, and name it something like Mod-erator, xModx, Supermod, etc. After that, they will tell you that they are a mod, show you the tons of money that they have, and hope that you believe them. They will probably tell you to let them borrow something, as a trust test, and that they will give you a reward if you do so. There are currently in-game moderators in Celtic Heroes. Report the scammer.

The Transfer Scam

Item transfering is one of the most common types of scams. The strange part is that most people will not scam you. The scammer will ask if you want to transfer something to another character. You know immediatly that he/she is most likely a scammer; why else would they want to transfer an item? Unless you do not have a second iDevice, and all your friends don't own one either, try not to rely on other players.

The Support Scam

Support scamming is a new type of scamming that has came along. The person performing the act will make a new character and make his/her name CelticSupport/TheSupport The person will say to the victim that he/she has been reported and will have to give them their username and password to investigate further and if not allowed will disable his/her account.If you accept they will log into your account and most likely delete your stuff and character.

Scammer List

Overpowered of Mabon

CelticxMod of Mabon

XxWarriorxX of

NightOfOrder of Competent Footman

Randomshank of weak theif