Darkfell warrior

A pre-graphics update Darkfell Pict.

The Draken, formerly known as the Darkfell Picts, are a tribe of brutal pictish fighters who worship an evil Dragon.

History Edit

The Draken had raided Clan MacLir's lands for centuries, either pillaging their village or razing their fields to the ground. When the threat of Chaos started to rise, the Draken finally led a full scale invasion upon Heroes Landing.

The invasion force came as a surprise to the MacLir defenders, cutting them off from their forces in Lir's Reach. This time the Draken seemed even more fierce than usual, as if the evil that had risen across the lands was infusing their very veins. Brennan the Mighty, a champion of clan MacLir, was leading some of the clan's guards on patrol when the invasion hit, they were overrun by Draken Raiders and their Wolfhounds, with Brennan becoming separated from his men. The newly arrived Highlander came to his aid, sabotaging the Draken's war efforts and allowing the MacLir forces to keep them limited to Heroes Landing.

Draken tribesmen are considered to be both brutal and incredibly strong, with one MacLir guardsman mentioning that even a glancing blow from one of their clubs can put a warrior out of action. They are not entirely hostile to Clan MacLir however, as the greatest of Lord MacLir's gladiators are all Draken born, helping to train his warriors in combat.

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Notes Edit

  • The Draken are based off the real life ancestors to the Scots, the Picts. The Picts were famous for causing the Roman Empire's campaign of conquest to ground to a halt on the borders of modern day Scotland. The Romans were forced to build a fortified wall to protect their lands, and attempted to conquer the Picts on several occasions, ultimately failing. Their greatest legion was also rumoured to have been slaughtered during a failed mission into Pictish lands. Whilst the legion was indeed present at the time and may have suffered heavy losses, their complete destruction is still subject to debate amongst historians.