In Celtic Heroes there are 5 different classes to choose from when creating a character: Warrior, Druid, Ranger, Mage and Rogue.

Each class possesses unique Skills and equipment.

Warrior Edit

Warriors are Melee fighters, charging into melee combat with a sword, axe or hammer. They also wear mighty armor, to shrug off attacks.

A warrior is a good choice for people new to RPGs. They have high survivability and good damage, but tend to have slower weapons, and don't have much in the way of crowd control abilities.

Druid Edit

Druids are the healers of Celtic Heroes, using the power of nature to heal foes and fend off enemies. A druid can cast lightning magic to smite their foes, and also protect and support their allies with their healing and defensive abilities.

A druid is harder to play solo, due to their focus on support over damage. Druids also will struggle with energy usage throughout the game. That being said, a druid is a highly useful class when leveling in a group, and once you get farther along and start challenging the end game bosses with your clan, druids are necessary at almost every boss encounter.

Ranger Edit

Rangers are the "jack of all trades" in Celtic Heroes. They can take out enemies from afar with their ranged bow attacks, and can also ensnare their foes to control the battlefield.

A ranger is decent at pretty much every aspect of Celtic Heroes. They have ranged attacks, which are very useful at staying away from area of effect attacks from enemies, they also have crowd control abilites to slow down their enemies attack speed and movement speed. Their normal attack damage is pretty average, but when combined with some of their skills, can become the highest in the game at endgame level. Rangers also have several different damage skills that are pretty good options depending on your build.

Mage Edit

Mages have the highest burst damage in the game, blasting enemies with powerful magic spells. They have two main paths available to them, of either Fire or Ice combat.

Mages can be challenging to play solo, due to their weak armor and energy costs, but have extremely powerful abilities to absolutely destroy their enemies. A mage also has skills that can lower enemy resistances, allowing your allies to deal more damage.

Rogue Edit

Rogues are the highest and fastest damage class. They strike at melee range with deadly daggers, striking with lightning speed to deal massive damage. Rogues are one of the most popular classes due to their high and fast damage, although due to their damage and attack speed, they tend to take the aggression of mobs and bosses they are fighting, causing them to die more often.