There are two sorts of Characters in Celtic Heroes; Playable Characters, who control their avatar in the game, and Non-Playable Characters, also known as NPCs, who are part of the game.

Player CharactersEdit

After creating an account to play Celtic Heroes, each player can create 2 characters for free (more slots can be bought in the Platinum Shop). When a player creates a character, he has to choose which class he will belong to. Five classes are currently available: Warrior, Mage, Ranger, Druid and Rogue. Depending on the choice, the player will be able to use the class-specific skills as well as common skills.

During the game, players will try to earn experience to gain levels, which will make them more powerful. At each level gained, a character gets 5 attribute points and 1 skill point. Attribute points can be spent on Strength to increase damage, Dexterity to increase attack and defence (chances to hit and to parry attacks), Focus to increase the energy pool or Vitality to increase the health pool. Skill points can be spent on skills; The maximum skill level a player can get depends on his level: from level 1 to level 14, his skills can go up to 5. Between level 15 to level 29, his skills can go up to 10. And past level 30, his skills can go up to 15.

Players may choose different ways to spend their attribute and skill points, depending on the build they chose for their character.

Non-Player CharactersEdit

Attackable NPCs are monsters (commonly referred to as "mobs" though any thing damageable is a mob in any game.), which are aggressive if their name is shown in red, and non-agressive if their name is displayed in yellow (their name will become red if a player attacks it though). These NPCs have a certain zone through which they can move freely. Past this zone, the NPC's health and energy will be reset, as well as any bonus or malus it had active (such as Strangling Vines for example). This is something important for players to know when fighting a monster; they have to stay within that zone to avoid a total reset of the monster they were fighting.

NPCs who cannot be attacked are known as NPCs (even if that term also applies to mobs). They usually interact with players as they can converse, offer to start a quest or carry out a certain action (for example Traders, who buy and sell items). These NPCs cannot move, with the exception of MacLir Guard, who is currently the only NPC able to move.