The universe of Celtic Heroes is currently divided into several areas. Within the areas are Leystones that allow players to fast-travel if they are not overburdened (10 items max can be carried in the inventory, but that limit can be increased by purchasing Backpack Expansions in the Platinum Shop.)

Lir's ReachEdit

Lir's Reach

Lir's Reach was the first area implemented into Celtic Heroes, and was once the only area in the game.

This area is designed for beginner players (levels 5 to 30).

There are 7 Leystones in this area, Causeway Steps, Western Road, Highshore Village, Temple of Belenus, Eastern Dock, Northern Peninsula, and Southern Pass.

There are 2 meteoric bosses, those who drops remnants and tablets needed for the meteoric armour quests. Those bosses are: Stonefang and Rockbelly.

Farcrag Castle Edit

Farcrag Castle

Farcrag Castle is the first secondary area that a new player would most-likely visit. It is the smallest area in the game and only includes one Leystone, Farcrag Castle Courtyard.

The Castle doesn't have attackable NPCs, but only Ability trainers, NPCs and Merchants, including the famous Luxury Shop.

But in the new update, Farcrag castle has had more npcs, an arena to fight in, dunkseig sewers entrance, and much more. It is probably the place where most high levels stay to duel and buy items.


Arena Edit



Heroes Landing Edit

Heroes Landing


Crookback Hollow Edit

Crookback Hollow

Crookback Hollow is the second secondary area of Lir's Reach. It features an underground maze filled with attackable NPCs with levels ranging from 6 to 24 except for the boss found in crookback hollow called bonehead.

There are two Leystones in this area, North Passage and Redstone Cavern. There are no merchants in this area, but there are quests that can completed which are suitable for many low-level players.

This area also includes a boss, King Grotspew of Crookback who is the lowest level boss in the game.


Dustwither Catacombs Edit

Dustwither Catacombs

Dustwither Catacombs can be considered as an extent to Lir's Reach because it includes monsters from level 21 to 50. Therefore it is a good place for players who are level 20 or above.

There are 2 Leystones in this area, Withered Vaults and Death's Caress. There is also a merchant at the entrance and in deaths carress

The Catacombs have three bosses who sometimes drop an upgraded version of Redclaw, Silverleaf, Sorcerous, Darkrun and Highroad armour, which are very popular among low and medium-level players; they might also drop valuable gems, used in the Meteoric weapon quest.

Dustwither has bosses such as Avatar Of Donn, Disciple Kiara, Disciple Ducarius

Tavern Edit



Shalemont Ravine Edit

Shalemont Ravine

Shalemont Ravine is destined to medium-level players as the levels of the monsters who spawn there are included between 28 and 60. There are 3 Leystones in this area, MacCroin Encampment, Greygorge and Shalemont River.

This area features a medium-hard boss, Atrisal the Invincible, who gives 3 drops to the group that kills it; The drop may be either an Ancient item (some are not sold by merchants) or a Golden Ingot also red book bindings or red book cover used in the assassinate quest for rogues, which can be used in the Meteoric weapon quest, along with a significant amount of gold.

Also, Shalemont includes the popular quest, "The Defector"; 13 mini-bosses (referred to as "defectors" by many players, though in the story, the Defector is actually the one who gives you the quest) spawn in the area and may drop rare items (such as the Wall of Eternity that can be obtained from Laird the Guardian)

Two extra secondary zones are going to be added in this area, it was confirmed by the Admin on the CH Forums, and will be located at the castle at Shalemont River, behind Atrisal, and in the cave near Greygorge.



Stonevale is the hardest area currently implemented and is destined for players over level 50. The levels of its monsters range from 53 to 105.

There are 3 Leystones in this area, Stonevale Farm, Northern Road and Southern Road.

This zone features 2 medium bosses, Guzzletusk and the Faerie Queen who are located in the swamps respectively next to the Northern Road and Southern Road.

There are also 5 hard bosses that drop 3 items, sometimes known as 'tomato bosses' in game terminology; either Disc Fragments or Croms; Fellfire, Chillmist, Starspell, Spirehoof the Corrupted and Falgren Bloodbinder. These 5 bosses have mini-bosses that only drop 1 Disc Fragment Charfire, Crystalmist, Shimmerspell, Crumblehorn , and Brutus Bloodbinder. The Otherworld In the new update of Celtic Heroes there are plans for a new area called the Otherworld - if you play the game you may have heard it mentioned during the Christmas patch by some of the faeries, or elsewhere. If you havent then you will soon find out - it is meant to be an area full of high level mobs (creatures, things you attack), destined for players at least level 80, if not higher, with big, difficult bosses of levels up to 130-140. As it is not yet released the rest of the information is secret, like the amount and the names of leystones, the names of mobs and bosses, etc.

Otherworld Edit



Carrowmore Tunnels Edit

Carrowmore Tunnels


Fingal's Cave Edit

Fingal's Cave


Dunskeig Sewers Edit

Dunskeig Sewers


Murky Vaults Edit

Murky Vaults

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